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Share Your Truth

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

If my words, if my truth,

if my pain that you caused hurts you back— now that I have power of my own,

you deserve it.

I don’t know what pain you are harboring

inside that is causing you to lash out, but don’t pout

because I am sending my truth

into the vastness.

I don’t want to lash out at the ones I love because of repressed emotions.

I am done bending my truth to fit inside yours when you don’t even know what your truth is.

Free your truth--

send it out into the darkness

and watch as your chest

turns from hollow to solid.

This is my truth.

It is not yours. I will not bend it,

mold it,

or meld it into something other than what it is

to protect your precious feelings.

For all I know your feelings will be hurt for the rest of time.

-From Ravished


copyright 2019 Lydia Hack. All Rights Reserved.

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