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Ravished. A life of its own.

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Lydia Hack and her book Ravished: a book of poems

Ravished: a book of poems (by Lydia Hack), has been finding its new home on bookshelves and bookstores all over the country. I love watching it make its way into the lives of those I love, as well as those I have never met. I feel so connected with my audience already and it's only been 2 months. It is taking on a whole life of its own. I am beyond proud and excited for the future of this book.

I want to keep you all updated on the whereabouts of my book. Below you will find a list of the current bookstores/shops that stock my book. I am currently trying to navigate the very unfamiliar territory of marketing myself and I am definitely a bit over my head.

It helps me so so much when friends share, post, or review my book. I love seeing all the posts. It makes my heart so happy. Please share pictures, favorite poems, and any reviews that you have. I really want to support as many local shops as I can, so if you know of any local shops that might be interested in stocking copies of my book, please let me know! You can email me here.

Thank you for being my audience. I appreciate you so very very much.

The current stores that carry my book:

Galanin & Klein

203 Lincoln Street Sitka, Alaska 99835

Old Harbor Books

201 Lincoln Street

Sitka, Alaska 99835

Kicks Mix Bookstore

38 S 3rd St

Newark, OH 43055

Verbatim Books

3793 30th St

San Diego, CA 92104

And of course


Barnes and Noble


Anywhere else books are sold. (If it is not in stock, you can request it and the store will be able to order it for you.)

You can find me on instagram : @lydia_hack_

Also on facebook : @lydiahackpoetry

I'm occasionally posting new recipes on Instagram (though it has been a long while).

Don't forget to tag me in your posts!

Lydia Hack and her book Ravished photo by Allie Korrine Photography

All photos in this series taken by the talented Allie Korrine Photography

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