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Lydia Hack - Contemporary Poet, Author

Lydia Hack has a BS in Human Ecology from The Ohio State University and is currently pursuing a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy.


She has always been in awe of the beauties, intricacies, and patterns of relationships and how they impact our mental health and emotions. Over the years Lydia has turned to poetry in order to express these emotions. She has used the formation of words as a means to heal, as a way to stabilize, and as an outlet for speaking her truth.


Lydia is a stay at home mother of twins, a baker of bread, and has lived all over the U.S. She hopes to one day move back to Sitka, Alaska where most of her story took shape.

Lydia is currently living in Southern California with her husband, homeschooling her twins, working on her master's degree, and living full-time in a camper. To follow along on her travel adventures head to her blog or her instagram @lydia_hack_

For dinner ideas check out her recipes at

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