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Lydia Hack is the debuting

poet and author of 

Ravished : a book of poems. 

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"Lydia's poetry is raw in its emotion, expression, and sensuality. She holds nothing back and her words seem to reach out from the page and draw you into her world. Pure vivid imagery. Ravished is a literary treasure that I hope eventually finds its way into college literature courses. Yes, this book is that good.
Highly recommended!"

-Sarah E.

"This book of poems is a work of art --it truly encapsulates the joy, grief, triumph, process, and power of being a woman. Highly recommend!"

-Lauren S. 

"In a collection that is as hopeful as it is heart wrenching, Hack unearths the female experience with grit, determination, and beauty. She shines the light of vulnerability over sex, power, abuse, motherhood, joy, bravery, and healing. Her writing is bold and her voice lends strength to the thoughts and feelings of so many that have walked similar paths. Fans of Rupi Kaur in particular will not want to miss this debuting poet. A touching and insightful read from beginning to end."

-Gena R.

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